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Montag, 19. Mai 2014

Qin Han Guan Moon, long march has not yet
Von clm123, 05:34

"Qin Han Guan Moon, long march has not yet", inadvertently in the ancient Central saw Wang Changling of this sentence, quite a sad feeling in my heart, but I was glad that they did not live in that time, its tragedy is not down on me. But, I was wondering, a poem to so strong, so, when Wang Changling stood in the Chinese Fort ago, his eyes solemn again how?Turn Your Vision Into a Reality
On closer inspection, the fort is the first gate of the ancient Silk Road, the East starting point, is located in the territory of Xin'an County. Originally, this is not a very famous place, or Du Fu's article "the Xin'an official", that makes Xin'an County known.
Xin'an's history can be traced back to the Neolithic age, is one of the main birthplace of Heluo culture, is also the rise of Yanhuang two emperor, known as "the Chinese ancestors", "the root" title, by now, Huang Di cast tripod heaven Shengjing had not found, only the landscape of the echoing sound, like in the story with a piece of ancient land once brilliant.Sometimes wayward
The Longtan gap is the most can prove a local history lies, and do not say here three steps a spring, five step Tan years, single is carried on to the rocks, not thousands of years ago is left. The canyon walls engraved with the product mark time, a thin layer is a long time after the passing of night, there was a crevice, rock bottom is also great rebirth after. Life, no life, quietly walked here, hurry and come, hurried away, lucky, maybe a tiny bit left traces, for later viewing; unfortunately the most, the breeze into the valley, eventually dissipate intangible.cardboard box or carton
Others, mostly to glance over things hurriedly past, pose, or leave a ground of garbage, had failed to live up to the beautiful scenery. I am very willing to do a meditation, in the face of rushing waterfalls springs, stop hasty footsteps, quietly listen, ears came more than the surrounding water splash, also have thousands of years ago in the ebb and flow of a vast expanse of water. In the dense fog drop a drop of water on the cheek, is perhaps the ancient fish tears. I think, what is their mere vulgar, down for a period of years accumulation of civilization, how I can instantly know? "To see only one spot" things, doesn't work here, a county is small, it contains many little-known secret.products to their customers
Xin'an County complex terrain, mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, the platform does not have, Youtong risks show different attitude, therefore, here, to see any of the wonders of different scene do not get excited over a little thing. Remembering me, ride cow entry, how free and easy detachment, unearthly refined place, Jing Zi Shan will also be a place, this also opened a Taoist culture prosperous age; and Northern Wei Grottoes is the Buddha wind is to let people couldn't help heart silence, "the story of the Dharma, here is not a new legend, Buddhist beauty was fixed in the vast grotto, let a person have to fear, to worship.
That mountain is the soul of the Xin'an mountains, there are, in addition to mentioned Jing Zi Shan, and ancestor mountain,, etc.. Say, the mountain image outside the tall, towering spectacular, Xin'an soul must have these elements, so many years later, after the change of dynasties, after the torrent of history, it not only did not die, but time, increasingly to radiate a more brilliant light.If you decide on MDF

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Montag, 12. Mai 2014

Life but not in hand
Von clm123, 09:31

"I am a cloud in the sky, shadow on the wave of your heart, you do not be surprised, but not happy, in disappear. You I meet on the sea of dark night, you are you, I have my way; you may remember, the best you forget......". I exclaimed Yu Zhimo full of wit and marveled at his gentle and delicate, will be a chance to write to write dynamic spirit. In fact, today I know in the accident in this be struck with fright how imprint is engraved on my heart. This is a poem? This is the cuckoo lament pain.壹夜落花,徒消瘦了嬋娟
Life is too hastily, in the blink of an eye big, the twinkling of an eye and old. Experienced a chance the wind snow and rain, experienced a second chance grief at separation and joy in union. But ah, a chance meeting a casual look enough to use a lifetime to forget. A beautiful hand in hand with a deep sea but to the entire life to complete. I came to this world, accidentally met you, although you are not beautiful, but I deeply ingrained in your two pools of gentle, you are not beautiful, but let me heart in your head moment of shyness. Is you got me feeling lonely, also it is you let me be much worried about, it is because of you will let me stand in the Equinox flower next sansei stone and three thousand years of the three thousand year old but flowers, station bridge and hope you don't come, let my old let me describe dry. This is all you have to. I promise you the world fashion, in a spring day to choose the future city home, carrying a you. I want to let you know that I this lifetime to bear that man you tortured life, let your life so sorry and I you a lifetime of tenderness and love. So, I etc.. You don't come I not old. This is not you come or not, but you get what I. In addition to the eliminate my dark lonely gentle that my temples of love, I want you to use your life to happy to me, because of you, let me see flowers, because your dream come. So, I etc.. I don't believe in love, but, I believe that one day, you will come and take my hand, regard with equanimity, time of quiet. Even if I use three thousand years of flowers three thousand years of flower time etc..That spring water diarrhea 在車站前
Only if the first sign of life, what westerly wind sad picture fan? Easy to have it changed people, but people michimoto volatile. Mount Li language, clear night and a half, the final night Yulin Ling did not complain. How to care of babies, intimate day may. A lovestruck lanrong, a good only if the first sign of life, hard hard hard, like walking, almost inaccessible. But if only such as first, good. Seeing you good Shuiguang glittering sunny side, casual look shallow smile, I know you came. You're here, I'm not old, Equinox flower didn't also decline, but the bridge sansei stone without looking not review also does not have a person drunk. I wonder at your arrival, five hundred years ago that a review of the agreement we are not set to meet the signal? It is the smile of the two pools of shyness? I remember I have forgotten, you just came, and I was not old. I waited for you to understand the fleeting time. Finally one season blossom, you know, you are my seeking a life scenery. The stranger, you know, you are in my life the most precious ink. Fortunately, you come I not old. This evidence, sago cycas!我的故鄉在遠方
Since then, I have a city, city, I have to write you this life warm. Curtain Begonia, this life, I wish for you, all of you. Red: Rose, this life, I wish for you, dew like cream, cover you sorrow curtain. Pretty things, this life, I wish for you, to a prison, with your love. Look at the tea 佯嗔, this life, I wish for you, sansei stone, never leave. If the spring, let me draw you shallow eyebrow? Stay in acting, let me marry you? Winter night, I take off my robe, to block the wind frost covered to Star City, protecting your dream bloom. Summer night hug you and kiss you in the south of the clouds in the mountain, make you smile forever. Spring the flowers blooming for you, you spend not Yan, you are silent. In the autumn of holding a red bean, you a I a, veins and the continuation of our five hundred years after hold. You're a bow, shy. You looked up, the bright. The eye flow, bright the whole day. At that time, the smoke is green tea, I asked you this life, would you do it for me, much thought, and join the reservoir. Then, static water lotus, I have to ask you this life, would you do it for me, Jinping mandarin duck, cover my fan sang. At that time, subtle fragrance floating, I have to ask you this life, would you do it for me, 勋琼 broken jade, with my horizon. At that time, since the time, I had asked you this life, would you do it for me, the open to, 白头相守. Can you, please? I asked you that Is it right? Me? I need your answer as Lin Whei-yin's words: "the answer is very long, I have to answer you in life, ready to listen to me?" At that time, you, at that time my heart, is the one and only the eternal world April day. I was ready to give you said, I will make you a little smile, so I am old, you are not a white.情由心生,萌生了牽挂與思

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Mittwoch, 07. Mai 2014

Yudu mountain
Von clm123, 11:46

In April 30th, my family and I, take the flight FLIGHT from Kunming KY8221 13:40 International Airport long water boarding, at 2:50 PM arrived in Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. Exports in the Jiangbei Airport B, had to wait for him to come to our friends, have been waiting for a car, we at the airport waiting for the rest tea from Beijing flew to Chongqin Jiangbei Airport friend, about an hour and a half, he arrived at the airport, we went to the car to the Fuling. The traffic is blocked, the sun is shining, this is the best weather in Chongqing. The road on both sides of the hillside, tall trees with branches opening a bright red flowers, which is my last seen from the scenery, the car but no one knows what it is landscape tree. When the red sunset on the horizon that beautiful moment, after a long bumpy for more than three hours, around 7:30 pm to Chongqing Fuling.
To Chongqing for the first time, gave me the impression that: many mountain, river, bridge, tunnel, high-rise, misty, lush virgin forest, soil and water loss less vegetation, building density. Chongqing, located in the Yangtze River, Jialing River Interchange, is the southwest region Chinese industrial and commercial center, is the western Chinese only municipality directly under the central government. Chongqing, referred to as the Ba, Chongqing, Chongqing City, nickname, Yudu, bridge of the people's Republic of China, one of the four municipalities directly under the central government, one of the five national central city, a national historical and cultural city, the economic center of Yangtze River, regional financial center and innovation center, and politics, culture, science and technology, shipping, education, communication center.
Located in the Yangtze River, which belongs to the subtropical monsoon humid climate, population 29700000, an area of 82402.95 square kilometers. Chongqing is the inland export processing base and expanding the opening to the outside world the first area, an important base of modern manufacturing industry and high-tech industry base, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River scientific achievement industrialization base and ecological civilization demonstration zone, the central and western regions Chinese development of circular economy demonstration area, the state implementing the western development relates to regional and national coordinating urban and rural comprehensive reform test area. In 2013 November, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport has a 72 hour transit visa free policy for the 45 countries. Chongqing is located in the Yangtze River on the edge of humid climate, most of the skin white and beautiful Chongqing girl, boy's head is not high, but very atmospheric know a thing or two.
May 1st visited Fuling people's Square, Wujiang and the Yangtze River Interchange, Jiangbei old and new city, "the White Crane Ridge" underwater museum only see the noise transfer text, not to watch the underwater world. 12 noon, starting from Fuling, traveling along the Wujiang River, along the two highway through Wulong County, Pengshui County, high valley town, the car around the mountain Jun Ling, beautiful Wujiang, many tunnel, then the village road has been to the top of the mountain, the late 7:30 to reach double Feng Cun Lu Ming Xiang, honest, life in this kind, hard-working, the hospitality of the Tu nationality, Miao, Han 70 households, the original ecology of the natural environment, Shi Qi, mountain, green trees, natural forest lush Yamahana brilliant, an idyllic scene, fresh air, the stars so bright, like a beacon lantern hanging in the Hao Han boundless sky, Tu copycat all fear of static.
All wood type Tu built two houses, the right and the connection only to build a layer, is used to feed livestock, people use the side also on one side; the top layer is stacked grain, open many windows on a layer above, because is located in the mountains, lush forests humid climate, so the upper loft storage of food should be good ventilation, below a layer of master of the living, they stay in bed is a wooden, gathered outside the circle of white mosquito nets, simple and elegant. Wing before burning firewood piled a lot of cooking, eating water is mountain spring water, into the kitchen is stored in a cement pool with plastic pipe, water pure natural can directly drink no pollution, the mountain people living place is very gentle, has just built or under construction near the two layer small building. They planted corn, potato, rape growing well, see there are several villagers with barrel bear fertilizer to fertilize the crops, heard that they rarely give crops fertilizer, grain, vegetables, water is not contaminated.
Back in May 2nd by double Feng Cun, went to Wulong what Westminster "fairy hill", enjoy the green green grass of the prairie, a small tourist train at the racecourse, because of the rain in time, a few places have no time to watch, 10:30 pm to return to Fuling. In May 3rd from Fuling to Chongqing, the ride Lek Chongqing's Great Hall of the people, Foreigner's Street amusement park, Chaotianmen bridge pier the Changjiang River and the Jialing River intersection point, stay there for 15 minutes. The original 20:30 aircraft, China Eastern Airlines flight 1 hours later, 9:30 just taking off from Chongqin Jiangbei Airport, arrived in Kunming airport long water at 11 in the evening, take a taxi home at 12 p.m.. Because of the bad weather, booked a train ticket to Guizhou in May 4th five one Eve back, heart or regret. 只是很想告訴你 曾經的記憶 觀百花齊放 美白的路上有哪些障礙 屬於我的江湖 凋謝的桃花 溫暖的事情 雨中的石橋寂寥 走不出大漠 中醫教給你的美容方法

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Montag, 31. März 2014

God that opposes their conceptions
Von clm123, 09:08

This followed soon after the first commission was received with extraordinary power when ordered to tear down the wall of churches, go out to the people and bring back the young. Three quick visions followed with the last one showing my face on the Internet or computer screen. It was 1984 and soon after my 45th birthday. That time was shown to me between lives when a line stretched out showing my next life ahead and the age of 45 was marked.我的地盤我說了算

Born with a different language to parents the Spirit was my constant communicator until old enough to know not to talk about whom I am or why I have returned. It alone is God. This is verified in Isaiah 45:4-8, where heaven and hell are denied. My experience shows there are no such places but that they are comfort zones for those who lack knowledge of what happens after death. Isaiah 34:4 states that all the host of heaven shall be dissolved and fall down. That means they will be destroyed so there is no way that it represents a place of eternal life. My work is bringing that about生活隨筆

In order to prepare me for the work ahead my education took many turns and experiences in many forms of endeavours to show me where people are at and why they believe as they do. In all cases they are blind to reality and deaf to new ideas about God that opposes their conceptions and brainwashed minds.brittanyyu個人屋

In Jeremiah 31:22 it states that a woman will compass a man. He is the one bearing the number 666. In Micah chapter 4 it states that Mt. Zion will be built by a woman, called the daughter of Zion. In Lamentations 2:18 the wall is described as belonging to her; that is that she is the one to remove it. In an effort to stop her religions have blamed women for the sins of the world, have silenced them from speaking out, especially in religious gatherings, and have cast aside anything that might impinge on their religiously enforced impressions of the divine. The promise that true knowledge of God will come through a female voice is in Isaiah 42:14.生活隨筆

God is cleverer than they who seek to stop her, however, and through the plan in place the Internet came into being soon after my commissions were given. Now my face is on it and so is my work. It is the highest mountain in the world and the means by which everyone can be spoken to at the same time. The tools have been given to me to surpass the prejudice and to open the eyes of those who want to see and to unblock the ears of those who are listening for the truth.

The agony on the face of the man on the cross applies to God. The Children of the Spirit were introduced to the power at the start of the day of the lord and they have gone after false gods and they worship the image introduced by 666. They worship a man on a cross that was invented by Constantine almost 2,000 years ago when he established the Catholic Church in 325 AD. He and the image are spoken of in Revelation 13:13-18. Jerome produced the first bible as the Vulgate and the New Testament at the end of the 4th CAD, which is total fiction. It changed the nature of the divine from Spirit to a man and even a trinity god-head.ashleycl

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Montag, 17. März 2014

Conjuring up an image of this aspect
Von clm123, 05:14

Even after all the times I've been asked to 'just let me pick your brain', this one was particularly, umm, bold (I'm thinking of another b-word, but I'll keep it clean!). She was willing to pay for a coach's services, but wanted to just "pick my brain".so it is probably.

This comes up quite often for my clients too, especially those who offer 'soft' services like coaching. Services that don't always include something tangible.

That doesn't make the service any less valuable.Where family is key

Your brain, and all the expertise and experience in it, is not something to "pick". All that you offer is valuable, and you deserve to be compensated in exchange for sharing it.

In my exchange with Melinda, I was so dumbfounded at the irony of the situation that I just responded vaguely, something like, well, we'll see. Not exactly the take-charge, clear, and boundaried power response I was hoping for. Powerful Me had taken a little vacation, or was checking her iPhone. My self-image took a little hit.but

That experience taught me something very important about interactions with people who want to 'just pick your brain'.

Be prepared.

There was no need to run myself down about what had happened. I just needed to prepare for the next time.competitive marketplace

So I got busy working on this issue. First, I called on Powerful Me to help. I've found it useful to give her a name: Madeleine. Conjuring up an image of this aspect of myself has been really helpful, and I recommend it. In my case, Madeleine is blonde and tall, and looks prosperous and confident. One of the things I admire about her is that she has the nerve to wear big jewelry.

This tool isn't about splitting off parts of yourself. It's my version of a well-known psychology technique, where you can consciously call on parts of yourself that you need, right then. It's a helpful bridge, until the rest of you catches upI love my friends.

With Madeleine on the scene, I could move on to my goals: Really get clear on what I wanted to communicate. Set boundaries. Be gracious.

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Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014

Will Obtain Secured Loans
Von clm123, 08:33

This kind of financing requires people to use assets as collateral to ensure that the bank or finance company will be able to get their money or take the item. The Middle of the Road Vehicles and buildings are commonly repossessed but other things can be repossessed as well. Sometimes, they use their equipment or machinery that they use for their everyday operations for this.

Inventory is a common item that they will use too. They can get the financing to purchase the inventory that they need. They will keep it stocked at all times but they are continuously selling spinach008items and purchasing them again.

Stores will be able to finance this for a short period of time instead of spreading it out over the course of several years. It helps them to grow their business without taking any large payment out of their pocket. It is a great idea with minimal costs involved.

Some businesses are going to be purchasing new buildings or land to build on. The loans for these will be based on the value of it because the property that is purchased will be used as collateral. There are a lot of options for this type of loan though.

Everybody will have a different situation that requires them to get a loan.flav10086 Their credit scores are going to help determine what the best options are and how much they will be able to borrow at one time. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration before making any large purchases.

Companies have a lot of different products that they need to keep them operating. They also have the expense of maintaining a building and their equipment as well as paying their employees and debtors. Every business will handle their finances in a similar way but some business owners are better at making the financial decisions than others.

If a company offers credit options to their customers for products that they are purchasing from them, it may be necessary to borrow money from time to time until those payments come in.How Do You Copy a Trader This is something that happens often. When they borrow this, they are ensuring that they have all of their operating costs covered as well.

Sometimes, a loan that requires the consumer to have collateral up-front will have a lower interest rate but not always. Every financial institution is going to have different policies and will write up their loans differently. Sometimes, the credit rating will affect the down payment as well. There are a lot of factors that banks consider when loaning out money.

The only difference that will be noticed when paying the money back is that the unsecured loans do not require any collateral and the secured loans will have something that can be taken back from the consumer if they do not make the payments as they have agreed to.sandi11 There is a lot that can happen from the day that they sign the loan papers until the day that they would pay the last payment so it is important to be prepared for it.

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Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014

The night, my armor
Von clm123, 04:29

Not tight, not slow, you slowly into the lake at night, at three in the morning the night should be calm, you rang with splash, bubbles, thick night ripple, only you accompany me, while others are sleeping, but I still want to ask, who is the mother of forgot to turn off the water tap, pool flow full. Or, or such a long night, telling you I listen.間に合わない真剣に若い
Close your eyes, imagine yourself lying on the side of the pond, like a corpse, soul sat up, looked at the lake thick night, rippling, frothing. Now have a look your brother, healthy, peaceful and haggard. Your breathing and heavy, exhaustion of body and mind. How recently, and began to seriously, not to say that it will lose it. Continue to compromise, live sleep. You do not talk, because you're lying on the pond, like a corpse.The most beautiful spiritual life
Soul lying in the body, I slowly sat up. I do not want to speak, at three in the morning I lay in the pool, no sleep, only water to accompany me, I listen to it. I looked at the surface of the water ripples, my shadow stretched and compressed. What is the real you, you don't answer, because you say I listen bubbles. The real me is the natural performance, happy idiotic, with a glib tongue, make nothing of. Or night face inside it, is there any hope of required to have the responsibility principle. Natural expression and face inside, which is the real. I will not ask you won't say.The Power Of Decision
I jumped into the pond, thick night engulfed me in the dark, the algae will not see tadpoles can not see, we slowly swim, sucked into the nostril, black night, out of the bubble is the black night, dive, ever dream in color, are now scattered in such water. Very heavy, pick them up and I will float is not out of the water! I felt a, a, a... They will be one one on my chest and shoulders, it is my armor, is my strength and hope, I am a find their first, my body becomes full and heavy, and I will not float in the that night, I lie on the lake bottom, the face pasted mud, I won't compromise, I never give up my mail, I need you, I'm full of hope and meaning to my life, step two, I lie on the bottom of the pool, face in the mud, the hand is my feet, I want to climb out, I struggled to breathe the night and mud! Water no longer talk listen to it I said, I don't care to your left, the crawl, I deserve one's punishment. Step two, the hand is my feet...Poetry, full of loveas well as gain a considerable

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Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2014

I wanted to train correctly
Von clm123, 08:11

Training in a similar environment - knowing it would be hot and humid in Orlando even in September, That could not be savedand that it was a night race, I started training in June to prepare my body for the humid conditions. On race day, it was extremely hot and I knew the race would be a killer, but I knew my body would quickly adapt to the humid conditions because I had been training for the past 4 months in the same environment.

Train efficiently and prevent injuries - Since this was the longest race I had ever run,Married for ten years White orchid I wanted to train correctly, and avoid injury as much as possible. My training regimen included alternating running and walking, and occasionally do my longest run/walk 8 miles at a time, all while keeping a 16 minute mile pace (which is a requirement according to Disney race regulations). The week of the race, I alternated my running days, completing 6 miles at a time. I knew on race day I would be prepared but also would be challenging my body to complete 2 miles more than my longest run.

Eat right - I also prepared my body in the weeks prior to the race by fueling it with the right amounts of carbs and proteins. Of course my diet was a little thrown off while in Disney the week before the race, but I tried my best to stay on track.On the way homeI made sure to snack between meals to keep my metabolism going and to give me the energy needed for the race. On the day of the race my diet was primarily food with protein and fiber to keep me full longer as well as complex carbohydrates to sustain energy.

During the race stick with what you have been training with - Prior to the race, I drank water before, during and after my training runs; thinking that water only stations would be set up along the race course. But when I went to grab my first cup of water I noticed they also had Powerade. Feeling extremely dehydrated, I thought the Powerade would replenish my electrolyte supply quicker so I grabbed a cup as well. Good idea? Not really. Although Powerade is a fine drink, my body had an adverse reaction to it, since it wasn't part of my training regimen, and I quickly felt nauseated which started to create fear that I wasn't going to finish the race. Only after walking the next mile and downing two cups of water at the next station did I start to feel better. Lesson learned was keep everything the same on race day that you used during training.

Rest - Finally, make sure you get plenty of rest the day before and on the day of the race. We decided to go to one of the theme parks the day of the race. Again, not such a great idea because by the time the race started at 10:00pm, The four seasons fragment we were tired and exhausted. I was regretting not taking it easy that day by sleeping in late and not really doing much so that my body could be fully rested.

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Donnerstag, 09. Januar 2014

Postman wide leg jeans
Von clm123, 04:38

A white wide leg jeans, and a piece of yellow white jacket. This is he to leave indelible image in my. The image is so profound, not only because of his clothes, he is an excellent student, and other from excellent students, he is not stiff, not in the past, he found the object, he strong evil associates. I asked him why he was so good for learning objects, he says he is not learning to learn, he does not love learning, certainly not like to find the object, he said that was done, there is little interest, not interested in things he is absolutely not to do. The fact that he was not the box I.
waiting for the autumn Technical Support Specialist Liu Fumin let me forget me not allow me to the end of life make dresses affordable I do not know what time we became deskmates, he always had a short hair, he said that washing convenience, but also look clean. Learning has always been my short board, thought to become his deskmate will be very boring. Which know, he hated learning than I, we talk in class, the teacher talked excitedly look over, often is the evil hate hate stare his one eye, and then turned around and began to teach me, and I begin to understand the eccentric people say. Then he take pleasure in other people's misfortune on my evil laugh, I do not care about, after all we've done is not it. Then he asked me, why he put me as a friend, I say not to know, because in my mind, no thought, as long as the place to make friends, have a common language. He said, he does not think so, he said, some people if he feels good, he will take the initiative and good, I said, that means I am your heart good people? He said, is it. I also did not ask, just know he is in. Two years later, we are still at the same table, he is still the first place in my class, still in the regular replacement of a object. I asked him, do you like those looking for girls? He has a good laugh, in turn asked me, do you know what love is? You know what? I said I know ah. He taunted me a. It makes me understand that, he is playing. No wonder learn so well.
Another boring history lesson, I concentrate on watching the story, he took out the familiar can't familiar stationery, began to write his letter, this kind of thing I've become inured to the unusual, unbelievable is the school when he handed me three points, also one one, this is a few classes, what this is called. Here to ask a little, that I was his postman, his love letters are to transfer, because he is not timid, though I haven't seen him get angry, but can feel, this guy is not good. The reason to send him a love letter, because I don't learn at that time, I would like to go on to other classes. This is not just to help him put the letter with the past. Send out a reply is not received, the received, some have let me help him solve. He don't care, I don't understand him, his writing is very beautiful, I think it is a love letter written much of it, but not completely, because his deskmate when, my books are always he painted numerous, each semester issued new names are not I writing, he helped me, sometimes I was thinking, the individual letter girl, is to watch him, or at his words.
In the third year, I transferred out, there was no communication tools, also do not say goodbye to him not to go. Then they lost contact, since then I was alone, no one looked at his table, and books, can not help but think of him, who gave him a love letter, then busy senior high school entrance examination, also do not much thought.

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Dienstag, 24. Dezember 2013

The clinical manifestation of senile herpes zoster
Von clm123, 08:20

Before the onset of stage, usually have fever, fatigue, rash site will pain, burning sensation, trigeminal nerve herpes zoster can appear toothache. The disease is the most common abdominal and thoracic or lumbar herpes zoster, accounting for the entire lesion in 70%, followed by the trigeminal nerve herpes zoster, accounting for about 20%, three branches of the trigeminal nerve damage along the. But people over the age of 60, trigeminal nerve is more prone to spinal nerve.
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Herpes at the beginning of facial skin with irregular or elliptic erythema, a few hours after the blisters in erythema, gradually increased and as bullae, serious person can as a blood blister, secondary infection is for. A few days later, blister plasma opacity absorption, eventually a scab, 1 ~ 2 weeks of operation, the legacy of the pigment faded, generally do not leave scar, damage is not beyond the midline. The elderly usually 4 ~ 6 weeks of the course, there are more than 8 weeks.
Oral mucosa, herpes and more intensive, the ulcer area is larger, lip, tongue, buccal, palatal lesions are limited to one side. The first except extra, involving the eye mucosa, skin and even blindness; second, involving the lip, palate and lower temporal malar, infraorbital; third involving the tongue, lip, cheek and chin skin.
In addition, the virus geniculate ganglion can appear the external auditory canal or tympanic membrane bleb, geniculate ganglion involvement while the infringement of motor and sensory nerve fibers of the facial nerve, manifested as facial paralysis, earache and external auditory meatus herpes triad, known as Ramsay-Hunt syndrome.
Herpes zoster is often accompanied by pain, but disappeared completely in the skin and mucous membrane lesions disappeared within 1 months, a few patients sustained for more than 1 months, called postherpetic neuralgia of the left, is common in elderly patients, there may be more than half a year.

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Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

God will survive and inherit the earth
Von clm123, 03:30

It started roughly 4,000 years ago and in the middle of it, at noon, was the time that Jesus Christ was supposedly executed. The story behind his so-called presence was meant to prove to the world that heaven and hell exist and that only those who follow the religions born of his inventor, Constantine, will enjoy eternal rewards.

With memory of my reincarnation and the experience of passing from life to life my testimony opposes everything born of that religious lie. There is no heaven or hell and neither is there a devil, angels or saints. This is all make-belief for people who cannot think beyond the dreams and are bulldozed into following the laws laid down by the emperor's religion.

In order to feel one must have nerves, living ones. That means that anything to do with judgment and retribution has to happen in life. The Old Testament prophecies state that at the end mostly everyone would rise us and live again (Daniel 12:2-3) and that is happening now as the earth struggles under the strain of overpopulation.

Now is the punishment against the evil being dished out. We see it in the wars, the disasters, and the horror of life under dictators, in war zones and through loss of entire families as natural events take their toll. What is the meaning behind it one may ask? God's plan states that at the end of the day those who have lived and inflicted evil will suffer the retribution. Those who are spiritual and are of the Children of God will survive and inherit the earth. Recommended articles:On mothering
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particularly if you are young

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Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

Depending on the level of gift
Von clm123, 05:06

Expressing gratitude to donors does not have to be time consuming or luxurious. Here are 6 tactics to thank your donors cheaply, creatively and even for free:

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Powerful phone calls - Depending on the level of gift, think about having your Executive Director, a high level staff member or maybe even a volunteer make a personal phone call to thank the donor for their gift. It doesn't have to take a long time but it does have to happen within 48 hours of the contribution.

Generous thank you notes - And I don't mean just send an E-Card! A letter on your organization's letterhead is okay nevertheless, in my opinion; I still prefer the hand-written note. For Pete's sake, you can get a box of 10 note cards at any store! That's next to nothing. Maybe time is an issue, have volunteers write the notes.

Your newsletter or any other publications - freely acknowledge your donor's in your publications whether you direct mail them or deliver them electronically. To go a step further, "feature" them by including their photo or advertisement.

Using photos - remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. Use a photo that illustrate your project in action and include them in your newsletters and other correspondence.

Creative use of video - Websites similar to YouTube make it super easy to record private messages to your top donors. Simply record your message and email the link to your donor for them to open their very own thank you. You can also freely acknowledge individuals the same way by posting the videos to your Social media pages.

Extend invitations to join with your organization - Another approach of thanking generous donors AND keep them engaged? Invite them to join a committee or, if appropriate, maybe even you're Board of Directors.

Thanking donors should occur more than just once a year. Most veteran fundraiser concurs that donors should be thanked at least seven times for their gift. More thoughts to show they're appreciated include calling on them occasionally to ask their opinions or advice.

Have any other ideas not listed here to make your donors feel valued? Share them with us here!

And, to show my appreciation to you for stopping by, I invite you to please take advantage of my free 2 week grant writing Ecorse. Sign up today and receive your first lesson immediately!

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Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

CNG is a good option
Von clm123, 08:53

Traditional fuel is becoming more expensive, and many people are looking for alternatives that are not only cheaper, but also better for the environment. People are beginning to take notice of the harm they are causing the planet by burning gasoline and fossil fuels. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a gasoline alternative for fueling vehicles that is quickly gaining popularity.

There are many reasons why converting a vehicle to CNG is a good option:

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monitoring exact temperature and humidity
Below are few of them
listed in the previous paragraph
It provides fuel efficiency, greater than that of gasoline. It can also reduce fuel costs by up to one-third if home refueling is an option. At the station, CNG can cost up to 30% less than gasoline- still very significant savings.
CNG is a cleaner fuel to burn than gasoline. CNG reduces the amount of carbon monoxide that is released into the air- about 97% less carbon monoxide emissions than gasoline. Greenhouse gas emissions and carcinogenic pollution excretions are also significantly reduced by use of it.
CNG is safer than gasoline because it is a clean burning fuel. If CNG is spilled, it will release into the atmosphere, as it is of a lighter weight than air. When gasoline is spilled, the contents pool on the ground and cause hazard because the contents are highly flammable. It is advantageous to use it because the contents are stored in tanks designed to release the gas more slowly. This helps to mitigate hazard.
CNG is in high demand, but there is adequate supply to support demand and beyond, particularly in the United States. Fueling stations are currently being built to supply gas to a greater population, and there are already more then 1,000 fueling stations in the US.
It requires a one-time conversion of the vehicle. The CNG tanks will be placed in the trunk or back area of the vehicle, again these being very safe even in the event of a crash or accidental opening. Once the car has been converted, it is ready to run on CNG. There is very little upkeep involved, aside from the regular refilling and maintenance of the tanks.

CNG is a viable alternative to the gasoline that is currently used to fill most cars. It is a clean fuel that reduces air pollution emissions while remaining cost effective.

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Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

always have an effect on their behaviour
Von clm123, 05:07

However, there will be relationships where one person always takes and the other person will then either have to always give or leave the relationship completely. One could try to bring this observation to the other person's attention and yet it won't always have an effect on their behaviour.

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So there are many options available and it will often depend on how self aware the other person is, as to whether a more balanced relationship can take place.


There are some people who are attracted to people who emotionally unavailable and have a real challenge committing to a relationship. This could be due to them already being in a relationship with another person, travelling on a regular basis or because they have just come out of another relationship for example.

But in the examples above, there is likely to be a certain amount of give and take involved. And while this person who is self centred may not be in a relationship with another person, travelling or fresh out of a previous relationship, they are still not available.

How it looks may be different, but the consequences are the same and one is attracted to someone who is not truly there for them.

Self Centered

To be with someone who is self centred is going to be frustrating to say the least and one will feel as though they are doing all the work. So it is going to be a relationship that involves a lot of energy being given and no energy being returned.

They could be always busy, caught up in their own life or overwhelmed by one challenge after another. And now matter what is going on, their needs and wants are always more important that one's own needs and wants.

So one is constantly compromising who they are, just to keep the relationship alive. There could even be justifications made as to why they are always busy. And if one is attracted to this person, they can end up being believed, at least at first.

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Montag, 11. November 2013

chicken jerky treats for dogs
Von clm123, 10:59

But of course, you have to make sure that they are not only appetizing but also healthy at the same time, ensuring that they do not hurt your dog instead of yielding good results. There is a wide range of treats you can choose from, from foods you can find in your fridge to those you can find in the stores. One treat that your dog can enjoy is the chicken jerky treats for dogs.

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Here are the pros and cons of chicken jerky treats for dogs:


Usually made from chicken breast, the treat is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. And, as it is high in protein, it is not added with gluten. Gluten is a protein that comes from wheat and other related grains, including barley and rye. A treat being gluten-free is important because the hormone may cause allergies, causing skin and digestive disorders among dogs. Thus, if you just choose the right product carefully, the treat is an appetizing and healthy reward for your dog.


The disadvantage of the treat is more of the substandard products that get displayed in store shelves. The FDA issued a warning on chicken jerky products made in China as a number of them were reported to be contaminated, causing sickness and even death among dogs. The FDA is not recommending that they be avoided all together, though. You just have to check the labels carefully, making sure that they are made in the USA and not in China. This way, you can be assured of the safety of these products because of the strict manufacturing practices in the USA.

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